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State Of Ohio Purchasing        Columbus, OH     Blanket contract for Misc. Metals
Ohio Dept. of Transportation  Columbus, OH     Blanket contract for Steel Beams
Ohio Steel Industries                Columbus, OH     Supplied Joist and Decking
Concord Fabricators                 Columbus, OH     Supplied Joist and Decking

RCP METALS is a Minority Owned dropshipper/supplier of metal materials located in Columbus, Ohio.  We locate our materials at the lowest possible prices available and then supply them direct to our customers.  We have established a network of manufacturers and distributors that give excellent discounts to RCP METALS.  This allows us to sell our materials at a price that is competitive with the open market.  We are able to deliver materials quickly.  In some emergency situations, we have shipped and delivered material on the same day that it was ordered.
We've  formed a relationship with Ohio Steel Industries (Columbus).  We supply them with steel materials then, they do the fabrication and sub out erection, if needed. 

Key Personnel:
Roland C. Poindexter, Sr. is the President of RCP METALS and has over 35 years in the metals industry.  Our goal is to supply our customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices.  We will conduct our business activities with integrity and according to the highest ethical standards.